About Our Kennel

Hello my name is Becky my husband and I have been blessed by God with 7 wonderful children, and with a big home for our dogs to run and play. Our dogs are a big part of our family who we love dearly. All of our dogs are loved and played with all the time not just by our kids but my husband and myself. Our dogs bring out the kid in all of us. I hope you will love our puppies as much as we do. We  know they will bring lots of love to your home.  You can read some testimonials of past satisfied customers here: Customer Testimonials

You may want to know some things about our Luv Pug Babies and how to get one: Our Luv Pugs require lots of love and will give it back, they are house dogs and should not be put outside on a chain. If this is what you plan on doing with our babies we prefer that you purchase your Pug puppy from another breeder. Our Luv Pugs have a loving personality & will give back your love 10 times over. The only grooming requirements for our Pugs is to brush them often because they do shed quite a bit. Our Luv Pugs should be walked on a daily basis and they do love to run & play inside as well.

We are a private kennel so if you would like to purchase one of our puppies and live in the local area we would be more than happy to meet you in a public place to meet with your new puppy. On our website you can see the parents of our Pug puppies in the photo gallery section here:  Pug Photo Gallery

   We usually have 1 to 2 litters a year of Pugs at "Bec's Luv Pugs Kennel" we only breed Pugs and used to breed English Bulldogs. The average life span of a Pug is 14-17 years. Our Pugs are very healthy and up-to-date on all of their vaccinations. They are routinely seen by our vet. We offer a health guarantee on our puppies and when you get one of our puppies you will have a health certificate from our vet stating they are healthy.  Another way we keep our Pugs healthy is by only feeding them premium dog food.

Your new puppy may not leave our kennel to go to your home until it is a little over 6 weeks old. It will arrive to you healthy and happy. Our puppies are very socialized and play with our kids all the time. Your new puppy will also be AKC registered. We are affiliated with the American Kennel Association and all our breeding dogs and puppies are AKC registered. If for any reason after receiving one of our Luv Pug puppies you decide you can't keep it any longer, then at your own cost, we will take your puppy back and take care of the puppy or make sure it gets a great home.

You may make a deposit on your puppy and when it is paid for in full we will ship it to you, or you may make arrangements to pick it up. We can ship to major airports in your area within the United States. We do not ship our puppies overseas. See the puppies we have available, when available, here:  Available Pug Puppies



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